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The Original Arnold Palmer Tee Half Iced Tea Half Lemonade
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“Arnold Palmer Tee®” Beverage is legendary!

The famous Arnold Palmer beverage that has been made by restaurants and country club grill rooms for years are now available in cans, bottles, half gallons and gallons in the U.S.

The half-lemonade, half-tea blended drink now comes in single serve containers as well as larger take home sizes to be served to the entire family. This refreshing beverage is the perfect combination of tea with a lemonade boost.

The AriZona Beverage Company launched this delicious beverage nationwide with distribution at golf courses, convenience stores and supermarkets. AriZona’s version is packaged in a commemorative 23.5 oz can with a variety of photos of Arnold Palmer and historical notes on his illustrious career in golf.

The “Arnold Palmer” has long been a beverage known widely for its refreshing taste and ability to revive the senses. Arnold Palmer himself created the drink many years ago requesting a mix of ice tea and lemonade. Today, if you ask for an “Arnold Palmer” at the most upscale restaurants and clubs around the globe they will serve a mix of tea and lemonade. Certainly most golf clubs and health clubs in America serve “Arnold Palmers” daily to thousands of their clientele. Millions of members of Arnie's Army golf fans are now being satisfied with this refreshing product. Look for it at your neighborhood golf course, convenience store, or supermarket.

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Arnold Palmer Arizona Half Iced Tea & Half Lemonade Drink
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